Friday, February 02, 2007

Strong Cabin II Feb. 9—11

An invite from Deb Steytler for Strong Cabin II February 9, 10, 11 Madison-Lake Metro Parks: "If you missed it in October, you can try again but let’s hope for some snow this February...we are going to hang out, play cards, walk in the woods, go to dinner at a winery, do some reading, tend a fire, eat pot luck, cook outside if it is above zero. A weekend in the country. It gets really dark out there. Cost? Well, if you are spending the night, kick in 20.00 per night. Bring snacks, but you CAN leave the premises and go into Madison for supplies. There are cute shops on the square and real grocery stores close by."

"If you want to come for a day or just one night, it is up to you. I will take possession Friday and we don’t have to leave until Monday morning if you want to stay that long. Let Deb know - first come first serve for the good beds. There are
two bedrooms with four beds (bunk) in each and two big futon sofas in the main living room. One small but clean lav, no shower. Kitchen too!"
Mapquest Lake Metro Parks-Strong Cabin, Madison, Ohio

We had a GREAT time in October. Highly recommended! Juan

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