Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tiny Alice featured at John Bassette memorial concert

From George Woideck: 'Cleveland singer/songwriter and independent label pioneer John Bassette passed away just one year ago after a long illness. For years John was a fixture in local music circles and was most notably identified with Hessler Road in University Circle. Lake Erie College in Painesville Ohio is presenting the first annual John Bassette Memorial Folk Festival at Morley Music Hall on the Lake Erie campus this Wednesday November 14 at 8pm. The concert, featuring performers Alex Bevan and the Tiny Alice band from the 70's is free and open to the public. Both Alex and Tiny Alice will be performing music by John Bassette as well as other original and traditional tunes. As a member of Tiny Alice and a friend of John's I'm inviting you to join us for an evening of great live music.'

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deb said...

I gotta be there. What happens at the coolcleveland thing? food and drink? will everyone be under 30?