Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Frogs in the Smog: My trip to LA

Hi all, it's been a week now since I got back from visiting our friends Nicolas and Juliette in LA. After walking the canals near their Venice Beach apartment (many people don't realize there ARE canals, much like the city's namesake) Nicolas and I went to the Getty Villa where we joined up with Juliette and a French colleague, Laure, and had dinner at a great Thai place in in Malibu and then back to the Getty Villa for an evening performance in their amphitheatre. Saturday and Sunday we had a great time going up the Pacific Coast Highway in search of seal sanctuaries near Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo (about halfway to San Fran). Check out some of my better pix. Sunday night we met up with Biljana Lovrinovic—who now lives in LA—and a girlfriend at a terrific Bosnian restaurant, Aroma Cafe. I was very happy to be there to help celebrate Nicolas' new job at Imagi animation studios where he'll help bring the new Astro Boy to the screen. CONGRATS, Nicolas!

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