Monday, May 05, 2008

Ohio Independent Film Festival, Thurs. 5.8, 8PM

My friend, Nina McCollum, and her husband Brian have their film "Kingsbury Run," screening at the Ohio Independent Film Festival taking place at Cleveland Public Theater. Their showing is the feature on "Ohio" night, Thursday, May 8th, and starts at 8PM. Robert Banks has a short film right before it. I plan to check it out.

Here's some background info from Nina: 'For those of you who don't know, my husband is an independent filmmaker and together we co-produced our most recent film, "Kingsbury Run," which he also wrote and directed. In addition to co-producing, I have a small acting role in the film.'

"Kingsbury Run," is a pseudo-documentary/horror hybrid that centers around the 'torso murders' that confounded 'untouchable' Elliot Ness during his post-Capone Cleveland career.

For complete schedule go to
05/05/2008 - 05/11/2008
The films of the 2008 Ohio Independent Film Festival.
tickets can be purchased at
or at the door 1/2 hour prior to each screening.
All events at Cleveland Public Theatre's Gordon Square Theatre
6405 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 44102 unless otherwise noted.

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