Wednesday, November 12, 2008

COSE Arts Network: Sculpting Your Finances 11.13 4PM—6PM

As an artist, I'm sure you can think of many things more exciting than finances, taxes and money management. But, what's more important as a business owner?

COSE Arts Network is offering an educational event that will give you practical, easy to implement advice for your business. We'll accomplish a lot in these two hours. You can't afford to miss this event.

Presenters will discuss their area of expertise, and then attendees will have a chance to meet with them one-on-one or in small groups to discuss their own situations.

COSE Arts Network Education Event: Money Management Clinic - Sculpting Your Finances
When: Thursday, November 13
Time: 4PM-6PM
Where: IdeaCenter, Cleveland
Cost: $5 for members and $15 for nonmembers

Sarit Zamir (Primerica Financial Services)
Mark Rabkin (Althans Insurance)
James Rownd (Kadish, Hinkel & Weibel, A Legal Professional Association)
Carrie Damico and Rachel Ruffing (Liberty Tax Service)

Among the topics of discussion:
Tax deductions for Schedule C and sole proprietors, common tax return red flags, keys to saving money as an artist or sole proprietor in the arts, debt management issues, credit issues, basics of retirement plans, rent vs. buy, basic insurance needs for individuals or business, and valuation of tools and instruments for artists and musicians.

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