Friday, March 19, 2010

First weekend Film Fest suggestions

Hi all, I'll be checking out 9000 Needles tonight and The Exhibition Monday night. I have a couple of COSE Arts comp tickets if anyone would care to join me. Here are some suggestions if you plan to go this weekend. We'll be going tomorrow night but haven't picked out a movie as yet. Touch base if you'd like to meet up for a particular film. —Juan

Accident (Yi Ngoi)
HONG KONG, CHINA | Directed by Soi Cheang | Running time: 89 minutes
Hong Kong director Soi Cheang attained cult status with his nightmarish sagas “Dog Bite Dog” and “Shamo.” His latest thriller breaks through the conventional genre, with no guns or car chases despite its elaborate action sequences. Instead, ACCIDENT is a psychological brain-twister that plumbs the depths of a killer’s soul. The Brain is a self-styled “accident choreographer” who leads a band of cerebral hit men in taking out targets in well-crafted “accidents” that are actually perfectly staged acts of crime.
Friday, March 19 9:40 PM
Sunday, March 21 4:30 PM

Queen To Play (Joueuse)
High atop the rugged mountains of Corsica, Hélène pedals her bike to work. She's a chambermaid at a luxury hotel, living a humdrum working-class life. Hélène came to Corsica years ago for her husband, who works in the boatyards. Serious and conscientious about her work, she has no particular desire to change things. Then one day she glimpses a romantic couple playing an impassioned game of chess on the balcony of a room she's cleaning. Seized with a vague longing, Hélène purchases an electronic chess game for her husband, hoping the game might help them rekindle an old flame.
Friday, March 19 7:20 PM Stand By

Please, Please Me! (Fais-Moi Plaisir!)
What’s a man got to do to have a little sex? A lot apparently, and sometimes that doesn’t even guarantee the desired end result. First, he must fetch coffee. Next, when the neighbor knocks, the door must be answered. Then, a woman calls. And, with the call, the story unfolds. A comedy of errors, part Buster Keaton/part Woody Allen, follows. A soundtrack that rings of the Pink Panther underscores the absurdity. It’s hard to believe that a single night can hold so much adventure and mishap. PLEASE, PLEASE ME! offers a farcical look at modern infidelity. (In French with subtitles)
Saturday, March 20 7:15 PM Stand By
Sunday, March 21 4:50 PM Sold Out

Hollywood Shorts Program
Saturday, March 20 9:25 PM

Bad Day to Go Fishing (Mal Dia Para Pescar)
It’s 1961 and there are strangers in the sleepy town of Santa Maria. There is Orsini, a cheap impresario and self-appointed Italian prince, and there is a former German wrestling champion named Jacob van Oppen. The two Europeans travel around fleecing local residents by rigging wrestling matches between paid-off local contenders and the champ. But they haven’t reckoned with the bad luck that meets them in Santa Maria. Van Oppen is suffering from an existential crisis. He drinks and has sudden fits, and his strength has long since started to fail him. Not only that, the designated challenger boozes himself sick and can’t compete. And there’s a sharp local newspaper editor who’s closing in on the scam. Nerves fry hotter than an egg on the pavement in the noon-day sun, and it looks like the boys might just have enough time to get out of town before the showdown. Or do they? A deliciously vintage movie in the cartoonish, deadpan style of the Coen brothers, BAD DAY TO GO FISHING features a shady performance by Scottish-Spanish actor Gary Piquer, a kind of Latin Harvey Keitel. (In Spanish with subtitles)
Saturday, March 20 9:35 PM
Monday, March 22 1:50 PM

The Exhibition (La Muestra)
Antonio, 80-years-old and once a highly regarded sculptor, is now spending too much time alone in his studio… or so his wife Susana thinks. He has given up exhibiting and passes most of his days puttering, reliving his past fame. However, after receiving a phone call from a friend inviting Antonio and Susana to his opening, Antonio begins to wonder about the possibility of exhibiting again. He commences making the necessary calls and glad-handing the local dealers, exhausting his list of contacts. Gently but pointedly he is told by another artist friend, “Your time was another time.” This news sends him into a depression that further accentuates what Antonio believes to be his artistic inadequacies. Meanwhile, Susana watches in alarm and decides she must take action. Enlisting the help of their two sons (and some especially effective facilitation from young granddaughter Bianca), Susana leads a behind-the-scenes crusade to make Antonio an exhibition. Stubbornness runs in the family and “no” is not an acceptable answer. Will their hard work pay off and will Antonio finally get his much-needed boost of THE EXHIBITION? (In Spanish with subtitles)
Monday, March 22 7:40 PM

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