Friday, April 30, 2010

Drawn & Quartered II Saturday, May 8th 7—10PM

The Battle Royale continues! Teams of artists will compete against each other during timed drawing sessions. This year's event will have a 2-hour long pose, and nineto 20 minute short pose events. The drawing is fast, fun, furious, and extremely competitive with every artist utilizing all of their talent and tricks!

Teams include the Murray Hill Group with artists Deb Steytler, Juan Quirarte, Adam Pate, Ken Talley, Jeff Suntala, and Jack Flotte. Team Dr. Sketchy includes Dr. Aaron (Aaron Erb) and Dr. Jason (Jason Tilk) with artists Vanessa O'Brien, Ron Kretsch, Mark Overlow, Jim Janek, and Erin Schechtman. Pretentious Artists of Tremont with Tim Herron, Jim Gerber, Larry Zuzik, and Jeff Scolaro and Utrekkers from Utrecht Art Supplies with Beth A. Bryan, Beth Yurich, Nick Gulan, Gennifer Bone, Jose Estrada, and Shannon Hope Meeks.

Live models, contests, fabulous prizes, loud audience clapping, hooting, and rooting for their favorite team and artists, and this year, there will be an applause-o-meter! Think wide world of wrestling meets art school meets cabaret. Audience decides who wins. The audience will have a chance to draw as well, supplies provided. Drinks available (for a small donation) and cool music will be played.

Michael Salinger will return as this year's Emcee! 
The event will be photographed by Alex Rivera of Alejandro Rivera Photography.
A short film of the event will be shot and edited by Dennis Yurich of Yurich Creative.

Prizes sponsored by Prizm and Utrecht Art Supplies Cleveland

Saturday, May 8, 2010
2939 Professor Street
Tremont, Cleveland, OH

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