Friday, December 07, 2012

SantaCon 2012 12.8 6:30PM

It's time again for the Cleveland SantaCon 2012. The parade-meets-bar-crawl will feature dozens of partyers dressed as Santa Claus as they hit spots on West 25th StreetFull outfits are mandatory (but NEED NOT be Santa.)

While the goal is to create "Santarchy," there are some rules; Santas are encouraged to bring presents for kids. They're sworn to pay their bar tabs. And they're warned that they'd better not act like some drunken Grinch.

SantaCon gets rolling at 6:30PM at Bier Markt, 1948 West 25th St. 

For information, call 216.274.1010 or check out their page on Facebook.

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