Friday, September 12, 2014

HT Campus Participatory Art Happening 9.12, 6–11PM

Friday, September 12th from 6–11PM at House Tremont, 2338 Scranton Rd, there will be a HT Campus Participatory Art Happening featuring: 

Artist-in-Residence Beth Bryan/Mixed Media Installation

Emily Durway/Photography of abandoned spaces throughout the Rust Belt

Rick Ferris/ Surrealism and the power of  words.

Andrew Kaletta/Light Installation

Craig Pearsall/Atmospheric music/soundscapes.

Daiv Whaley/Sound Installation

Patsy Kline
“Home is Where? Join the Conversation.”
Over the past year participants have been asked to write their answer to “Home is Where?” on the palm of their hand with a Sharpie so that it would last all day and they would then have to think about the message, take a Selfie and email it to to be displayed on the walls of HT.

Space is Limited
Please RSVP

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