Thursday, October 01, 2015

Monsters from Space! @Satellite Gallery 10.2

Captain Loren Naji presents Monsters from Space: Haunted Alien Invasion at Satellite Gallery
Get ready for some Halloween fun! Space monsters will invade Satellite Gallery for the month of October! 

Help Captain Loren Naji, Co-pilot Grace Wen, and our current crew of artstronauts (Falcon Eddie Cummins, Gguel Jefe, Tina Ripley, Grace Summanen, Grace Wen, Linda Zolten Wood, and more) contain and study these wild creatures of the imagination! Swing by during the first Friday Walk All Over Waterloo (October 2, 6PM to 9PM), as Satellite and a slew of other galleries will open their doors for curious art gazers and monster hunters. There will be plenty of free spaces to dock your vehicle along Waterloo as you bounce along the colony of Collinwood, observing the wild and crazy art from the far reaches of the universe!

Monsters from Space! Haunted Alien Invasion at Satellite Gallery
Opens: Friday Oct. 2, 6 – 9PM
442 East 156th Street
Cleveland, OH 44110

Regular hours: Friday 5 – 9pm, Sat. and Sun. 12 – 5PM

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