Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Morgan Conservatory’s Kozo Harvest 11.14, 11.15

The Morgan Conservatory’s Kozo harvest takes place THIS Saturday, Nov. 14th and Sunday, Nov. 15th from 10AM–4PM. Participants will get an in depth look at what goes into turning these trees into beautiful handmade paper and will get hands-on experience processing raw fiber for paper making. Dress warmly for this community event!

The Morgan’s Caraboolad Garden boasts the largest kozo (paper mulberry tree) grove in the United States. Kozo is used extensively in Asian paper making.

Morgan Conservatory
1754 East 47th Street 
Cleveland, OH 44103

Parking: The main entrance parking lot is located on East 47th. Special event parking is available via our East 45th entrance.

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