Friday, November 02, 2012

Life and Death in Black and White 11.2, 7–10PM

Life & Death in Black & White is a collection of today’s finest graphic illustrators, album cover artists, comic artists, tattoo artists, etc depicting their view of life and death. L/D in B/W means to showcase the time, detail, dedication and imagination put forth by these national and local artists and bring them and the art of illustration the full credit and appreciation that it has always rightly deserved.

Artists include: Steve Knerem, Jerry Beck, Jeff Gather, Jake Bannon, Dwid Hellion, Putrid, Scott Sterns, Eric Kaplan, Human Furnace, Billy Hughes, Derek Hess, Marty Egeland, John G, Mike Gustovich, Richey Beckett, Justin Bartlett, Todd Ryan White, Jake Kelly and Stefan Thanneur.

Loren Naji Studio Gallery
2138 West 25th Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44113
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