Friday, July 26, 2013

Carol and John’s Superman 75th Celebration 7.27

Come in starting at noon Saturday and get your Carol and John’s Superman 75th in Cleveland Challenge Coin! You can get one for FREE by dressing up as Superman (or Supergirl!) or come in and make a donation of $25 to the Cleveland Courage Fund for the girls from Seymour Ave! We’ll also give you $25 dollars worth of raffle tickets to win pieces of artwork in our Superman art show! So you get double the value for your donation money! Come in and celebrate 75 years of Superman in Cleveland!

Superman Day will be an all day event on Saturday, July 27th from 10AM to 9PM. It will be comprised of an all day art show featuring Action Comics covers by some of Cleveland’s finest artists, an all ages kids event from noon till 2pm, and an Artists Reception from 7PM to 9PM!

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