Sunday, July 06, 2014

Christmas (Cards) in July 7.12 and 7.19

This class will take you through the process of designing, typesetting, and printing your letterpress Christmas cards or make any kind of greeting card you want, really. You could opt to make the coolest Halloween cards ever created or create custom invitations to your annual Arbor Day Celebration. If you get your Christmas cards printed in July, you won’t have that feeling of last minute panic so your holidays will be much more fun.

This is the first MorganConservatory workshop to teach students how to use the Chandler and Price and table top clam shell press. Both of these were recently refurbished and ready for their inaugural Morgan workshop. You will learn to set type and integrate it with images. These can be either your own carved, type-high blocks (either wood or linoleum) or your selection of antique ornaments and illustrations from the Morgan collection. We have an extensive collection of image blocks with everything from kids sledding to a Boston Terrier and it may be fun for you to design a card inspired by something you find that we already have.

You will print cards that fit standard A-2 envelopes and we provide stock envelopes and cards (50 per person). If you are looking to make more or want to experiment with your own paper, feel free to bring your own and you can cut paper to size using equipment available to the class.

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop runs on Saturday July 12 and Saturday July 19. It is a two-day workshop on two consecutive Saturdays. Maximum Class Size: 10.

Sat, Jul 12th – Sat, Jul 19th
Morgan Conservatory

1754 E 47th St
Cleveland OH 44103

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