Friday, July 11, 2014

Old Friends: 20 Illustrators Pay Tribute to Beloved Children's Books @BAYarts 7.11, 7PM

As children, our first exposure to art comes to us in the picture books read to us by our parents. Immersed in the lush worlds and characters created by the artists and authors, we come back to revisit these dog-eared pages again and again. These books are always cherished, but for some, they are just the beginning of a life-long obsession. In this group exhibit, 20 working illustrators pay homage to the artists and books that inspired them to embark on their unique career paths. Join us to spend time celebrating a few old friends.

ARTISTS: Jim Giar, Ben Hale, Erin Schechtman, Tim Switalski, Robin Krantz, Dee Piotrowski, Craig Worrell, Randy Crider, Rebecca Zomchek, Angela Oster, Clare Kolat, Steve Ellis, Gary Dumm, Laura Dumm, Steve Defino, Rachelle Boyd, Ashley Ribblett, Emily Meluch, Mark Laubenthal and more. Curated by Erin Schechtman.

Reception Friday July 11th from 7–9PM. In the Diane Boldeman Gallery.
On Stage: He-Chaw Frunk

28795 Lake Rd
Bay Village, Ohio 44140

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