Friday, May 06, 2016

Carol & John's 'Free Comic Book Day' Weekend

On Saturday, May 7th, Carol & John’s hosts its annual Free Comic Book Day. Although the event takes place across the U.S., Carol & John’s hosts one of the largest events in the country. In addition to celebrating comics and comic book culture, Carol & John’s event celebrates Cleveland and its community through local art, history, cosplay and more. Again this year, the shop will give away more than 25,000 free comics (10 per person), as well as hundreds of graphic novels. The event actually begins Friday night with a midnight release party starting at 10PM  and continuing until 2AM. FCBD continues Saturday from 10AM to 7PM.
“Free Comic Book Day is a great reminder for fans that their hobby doesn't live in a vacuum,” shop owner John Dudas says. “There's lots of people to physically engage whose love of collecting shines through when you talk to them. Sharing what you enjoy with someone on the day becomes the gift you can give on FCBD. Our motto is 'Participate. Engage others. Be a friend.'

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