Friday, May 06, 2016

Hilary Gent: Properties of Water 5.6 5PM

The Maria Neil Art Project announces their exclusive representation of our Drawn & Quartered 8 hostess with an opening reception of Hilary Gent : Properties of Water. Come out and support Hilary and see her new work body of work that "showcases yet again her ever-changing color palette and visual expression while focusing on a subject that is familiar to us all."

Hilary was struck that Water not only functioned as a primary force through its many formal properties (ice formations, floods, river beds, flowing streams, crushing waves, etc.) but was just as affected by how she also identified with water on an emotional level. "It is still and reflective, active and energized, wild and chaotic. Water has the ability to calm or destroy. Painting water can be compared to trying to capture the spirit of something. My hope is that if I can paint a simple glimmer of light or a distorted reflection, a quick ripple or the existence of life beneath its surface, I will have effectively translated a piece of the water’s story."

Maria Neil Art Project
15813 Waterloo Rd
Cleveland, Ohio 44110

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